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DaraRP, a blogger and owner of

Would like inform and share to those who're interesting to promote their single's or an album of lagu iban here such as lirik lagu iban.

For extra juice of your promotion lagu iban, it better to include a demo or full music video also.

Why you should promote you songs lagu iban, lirik lagu iban here?

Internet is a major medium to broadcasting now day's.

So we should take advantage of this, to promote our songs especially lagu iban for the growth of dayak music industry.

Why should you promote it on

It's simple to said that my blog medium has it own community of follower.

Not forget do type 'liriklaguiaban or lirik lagu iban' in google search or any platform, you see the result will pop up on the first page of google search, for that reason you should promote here.

The power of google is in you hand plus my medium blogger.

All the post are up to date and share to all LIRIK LAGU IBAN group and community here.

The power of sharing is a way to viral and expose your new single or album here.

How much it COST (RM) you to promote your songs (lagu iban)?


Seriously guy's, i'm offering you guy's with a free cost, no cost involve here.

It's all free guy's, no joke, i'm serious here.

Why i'm doing it for free?

As I said on about me pages, you can see my reason why.

My passion on blogging and love of dayak music especially on lagu iban, iban songs is a major factor that i'm doing it.

This is stepping stone to promote, expose and letting others out there now about our music here, SARAWAK.

Our local music (Sarawak) right now is keeping moving and evolve that mean we need to share it in a good way.

Why not, start your starting point with me on LIRIKLAGUIBAN blog, by helping each others to expose our music right now.


Why Not Now? Take this opportunity given by me 'Dara RP'.

So, How to submit your lyrics, lirik lagu iban here?

Just mail your full lirik lagu iban lyrics to me at

Or just submit you lyrics by filling this form: Submit Lyrics

It's more better with a demo songs that has video, not matter it full version or short version.

Especially that has been upload on YouTube or Facebook video or others medium video share, and do included that music video link on my mail.

Final word: 

Do take this advantage now, cause i'm offering it FREE guy's.

I'm just a blogger, a fan of dayak music that wanna see the success of our local music, Sarawak.

With a small step is better then none.

It's all on our hand to recognized and lift up our music, not just on Sarawak but the whole world.

That all from me, 'Dara RP'. - - , God Bless All.